Payment response not received in the return_url ?

Payment redirection using customers' browsers are not reliable all the time. There would be instances where customers' devices would be on low quality connections and thereby the final redirection might not succeed.

If the status of particular transaction is success / failure in the merchant console, then payment response has been redirected to the configured return_url

If Payment response is not received in the return_url  configured, Please proceed with the following scenarios

  • Check with the customer on the experience and reason for drop
  • For Mobile Apps, capture logs for each page loaded in webview

In such cases, a webhook call can help you complete the order for the customer. After the completion of every payment/refund call, Juspay will provide a direct notification to your server regarding the event. These are called Webhooks. You must configure a valid HTTP endpoint that is reachable from our servers to consume these notifications. Our servers will push data using HTTP POST call to your endpoint.

The following events will trigger a webhook call from our end to your server:

  1. Successful payment
  2. Successful refund

For reference : Payment Response ,  Webhooks

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