Amount was debited. But still we got a failure response. What could be the reason?

The payment flow is as follows-

1) Juspay sends a request to PG 

2) PG redirects to Bank

3) Bank debits account

4) PG captures the response and sends it to Juspay whether it is success or failure. 

There can be a network dropout during the process in following two scenarios: 

1) Reason could be when there is a network failure from Bank to PG or from PG to Juspay. 

  - For these scenarios the merchant has to check with the PG. PG will give you a reference number and you will have to initiate refund through a PG. 

2) If you are using PayU, you can go to search/details in your merchant console and click on Synchronize Now. Please refer to step 5 in Express Checkout Dashboard.docx for further details

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