Express Checkout Checklist

Moving to Production: 

  1. Get a Prod account from Juspay Support
  2. Endpoint must updated to:
  3. Configure all gateways, aggregators and their respective netbanking and wallets.
  4. Make sure your production API key is not exposed over any media.
  5. Make Sure following IP's are whitelisted in Express Checkout and vice versa. (Prod) (Prod) (Staging)

  6. Make sure the routing logic is working as expected.
  7. Webhooks versions are updated.
  8. Card Brands are enabled for your account.
  9. Your final build must be tested and approved by Juspay QA.
  10. Legal agreements are in place. 
  11. Disable Dummy PG! 
  12. To enable alerts for conflicted transactions , goto Settings > Status Conflicts and update email
  13. Notify Juspay when going live.

Post Going Live: What you need to do!

  1. Get Order Status API and Refund API for analysis.
  2. Use Merchant dashboard to check and refund transactions or inspect issues.
  3. Email to configure transaction and refund reports for your account.
  4. Get access to Analytics Dashboard to check performance.

Still unsure about something or want to explore more? Write to your POC and loop in!

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