Where do I get my API key from?

API Key is a secret key that is used to authenticate your identity to us at the time of API call invocation. This is a long alpha numeric string.

Example: AC42FF085D42479CBFA0C25BE6F004AE

  • You can have multiple API Keys at the same time
  • You can disable or enable API Keys
  • It is always a good practice to rotate API Keys


It is important that API Key be protected. Best practices for storage & access of API Key:

  • Do not commit the API Key to your code
  • Do not package the API Key to your Android/iOS application
  • API Key must not be stored in a publicly accessible system
  • Only your production servers must be able to read the API Key
  • If you are storing the API Key in database, then control the access to that table to only administrators & servers.
  • Using a keystore is the best strategy to store such secrets
  • Have separate API Keys for staging & production

To disable/enable the API Keys or to create new API Keys, please visit Settings page in JusPay Merchant Dashboard

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